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Suits for offices and companies

Basic tips for preparing suits for administration and companies

Suits for offices and companies, choosing and purchasing uniforms for offices, organizations and companies are among the hardest tasks and challenges that managers and companies encounter with it at the very beginning process of branding. The basic points of preparing suits, both for administration and companies, is an important part of buying uniforms.

Choosing the right and principled uniform and office suit can create an organizational symbol for your company and brand. This will help to introduce your company to everyone and customers and they will remember your organization.

In this article, we will try to help you choose the best uniform and office suit.

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Uniform Selection Tips for Organizations and Companies.

tips to choose uniform for organizations and companies, Garno`s explanation
tips to choose uniform for organizations and companies 1- It creates beauty and a sense of unity between personnel 2- Determine the budget for purchasing the suit 3- Creating the sense of unity and equality between staff 4- Characteristics of a suitable suit for companies


Samples of Garno`s official suit

Creating a sense of being special in the customer’s opinion

Suits for offices and companies:Suits for running and companies, choosing and purchasing uniforms for offices, organizations and companies, have become a degree of importance, where companies choose a different and special look for their employees, in all branches. In doing so, they convey the message to their customers that the products and services they receive in all different branches all have order, quality and different from the rest of the companies. In a way that moves towards building trust in customers’ minds.

Blazer collar suit with vest
Blazer collar suit with vest

Determine the budget for purchasing the suit

Suits for offices and companies, choosing and purchasing uniforms for offices, organizations and companies is a very important and sensitive task to do for those who are in charge of purchasing.

It is better to determine the total budget you plan to pay for clothes, suits and uniforms for the company or work place. It is also better to check the number of personnel in detail. Specify the units you want to choose clothes for. This information will help you to manage the purchasing project much better. With this information, in the field of men’s clothing and suits, can help in choosing the best type of fabric and sewing.

In fact, the goal, is to have the best choice of office suit, according to your budget.

See some samples of Garno Classic Suits


Building unity and equality in employees

Suits for offices and companies:Office uniforms, and providing appropriate clothes for all employees in one company, indicates clearly the point of view of the heads of company toward the staff, it means they all have the same and equal importance, and each one of them has a vital role in the company.

Unfortunately, some companies and organizations make difference between personnel and managers by different uniforms of staff and managers. Over time, this will cause a gap between them, which will not be a good thing in long run.

Specify the characteristics of the office suit

The suit for organizations and companies, choosing and purchasing uniforms for offices, is a rigorous and important process, at the same time very interesting.

Paying attention to the right color for the organization, using brand symbols and signs, printing of the logo on the clothes, as well as paying attention to the best material and suitable uniform, and the being attractive and memorable in people`s view are among the things that should be taken into consideration at this stage.

For people and personnel who want to wear a suit and uniform for a long time, we make a few points. Observing these points will help you make a better and more qualified choice.

  • Quality of the suit
  • Best cut for the suit

Quality of the suit

Suits for offices and companies:Office uniforms should not deteriorate soon, after wearing a few times. Personnel should also wear their suits with interest. It is better to choose from fabrics that are durable.

Usually, fabrics that are used in polyester in combination have high durability. good materials should be used inside the suit. This factor will also contribute greatly to the sustainability of the suit and its high durability.

Best cut for the suit

suits:You should be careful about cuts of the suit for administration and organizations or office uniforms, and use cuts that make the suit to a little loose.

These types of cuts of uniforms and suits makes people feel comfortable after long time of wearing it at work.

More explanations about fabrics

Choosing the right color for the suit

suits:Colors always determine how we feel about our surroundings. Choosing the right and beautiful color, which personnel feel relaxed with it, is a point to consider. .

If we can, by choosing a special uniform and stylish suit, make our personnel feel special, the personnel will also be more energetic and responsible to do their tasks.

The colors of the suit and office uniform are often navy or charcoal. But the same colors, with a brighter degree, bring diversity to the personnel. Diversity will lead to relaxation and happiness of personnel in the workplace.

Sample of Filafil 65/35 fabric

different colors of fabric for suit, preparing suits for administration and companies
different colors of fabric for suit

Choosing the right shirt

suits:To choose a beautiful shirt, you don’t need to do anything special. A simple men’s shirt is a great option to wear with an office suit and office uniform. All you have to do is choose the right color, which creates a stylish and suitable set with a formal clothes.

Please pay attention to the fact that the color of the shirt .it should not get dirty fast.

simple Shirt to set with official suit
simple Garno`s Shirt to set with official suit

Garno plain shirt is a good choice to set with suit and office uniform. Men’s shirt material, if it is composed of some cotton and polyester, will be of better quality.

Cotton in men’s shirts causes less sweating when personnel wear that shirt at work.

Men’s shirts, when they have a small amount of polyester, are easier to iron and they won’t wrinkle easily.

Best Combination of Fabric for the Shirt

Suits for offices and companies:The best combination of fabrics for men’s shirts is 35% (cotton) and 65% (polyester).

Do not use 100% polyester fabrics at all. One of the bad qualities of these fabrics is that they will get smelly by sweating soon after you wear them. In addition, it will cause in very bad body odor.

Garno clothing collection has been producing suits, single jackets, shirts, etc. for many years. It has done its best. Using the best materials, producing the most stylish and different administrative suits for many private and public organizations and companies, is one of the services of this men`s apparel producing company.

In this article and other articles, we have tried to provide the best contents to our dear customers using the opinions of experienced people in the field of men’s clothing.

To get answers to your questions, be sure to contact us about choosing and buying a suit.

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