black suit with blazer collar, charcoal suit, Stylish and attractive charcoal suit

Stylish and attractive charcoal suit

Stylish and attractive charcoal suit

The stylish and attractive men’s charcoal suit is the most popular suit among men of all ages and groups. Certainly, this type of suit one of the best options for choosing a parliamentary suit or a suit suitable for parties.

If you’re also looking to find a stylish, attractive and beautiful men’s charcoal suit, don’t worry at all.

There is no doubt that men of different age group, has at least one set of this suit in his closet. I assure you %100 that the most purchased suit globally is in charcoal color suit.

In this article, Garno men`s apparel production group, with the help of the opinions of its experts in the field of fashion and men`s clothing, provide the best information about the most popular color of the suit between men.

We hope that by reading this article, you will get more details about this suit, and enjoy finding the best kind of stylish and attractive charcoal suit.

List of topics you will read in this article:

  • Stylish and attractive charcoal suit fabrics
  • Types of collars suitable for charcoal suit
  • Suitable Shirts for Charcoal Suit
  • Charcoal Suit Cuts

See some samples of Garno`s suit

Charcoal Suit Fabrics

A stylish and attractive charcoal suit can be made from many fabrics.

The very important thing is, where you want to wear your charcoal suit and for what occasion, and how much you can pay to buy it. For example, someone might want to wear his suit at company or office meetings. So it’s best to use fabrics for your suit, which has a greater amount of polyester viscose. Because it wrinkles after a long time of wearing, and it will last longer in a lot of washing.

But maybe you want to wear your suit at certain parties. Of course, let’s also say this: the most common use of a stylish and attractive charcoal suit is for important and even formal and ordinary parties. In that case, it’s best to have some wool in the fabric you choose.

Tips about Wool Fabric in Men’s Suit

In a stylish and attractive charcoal suit, wool makes the fabric look shiny and different.

For wool fabrics, there are a few tips. It’s not enough just to have some wool in the fabric. In addition to these, there must be a lot of elegance in its context. The more delicately woven the fabrics, the higher their price and the more sensitive the fabric becomes.

Of course, this sensitive fabric makes your suit shine. This will make you look different at the party.

Charcoal Suit Fabric Combinations

There are also combinations of stylish and attractive charcoal suit fabrics that are suggested for workplaces. Like Filafil fabric, 55% polyester, 45% wool, which you can also be used for parties.

Filafil men’s suits are 45/55% cheaper than the fabrics we talked to you about above.

Samples of charcoal to gray colors of Filafil fabric

fabric for stylish charcoal suit , Stylish and attractive charcoal suit
varieties of gray colors of Filafil fabric for charcoal suit

Types of suit collars

For a stylish and attractive charcoal suit, there are a variety of collar models. English collar, Arc Bales, for example, are some of examples of men’s suit collars.

Where you plan to wear your suit is very important. If you’re wearing it for business meetings, the best type of collar is English and Bales.

Of course, what we need to remind you here is that charcoal suit is generally better with an English collar and blazer because it is known in a men’s suit as a classic color. If you want to use arc collars and other collars, it doesn’t go with this suit properly and ideally.

men’s suit with vest, black suit with blazer collar, charcoal suit
Garno stylish charcoal suit for men

The English collar can be chosen a little wider. If you’re a tall person, and you’re not overweight much, a slightly wide English collar is a great option for a stylish and attractive charcoal suit.

Samples of Garno`s suit

Suitable shirts suit

For a stylish and attractive charcoal suit, many shirts can be considered. White, blue, jasmine, judon, etc. There are colors, which are well represented under the charcoal suit.

In the case of men’s shirt color for charcoal men’s suits, preferably white, pink and rose colors for evening parties, are good. If you want to wear you’re stylish and attractive charcoal suit for the work environment, its better to use light and white gray blue shirts, respectively.

As for the color of the men’s shirt we insist it’s better to choose the color of your shirt according to the place and occasion you want to wear the suit in.

What kind of material is better to choose for a charcoal suit shirt?

For office sessions that you wear a suit with 45.55 polyester fabric, you can use shirts that contain 35% cotton and 65% polyester.

The combination of the above fabric in shirt makes you not smell bad during the day, despite the sweating. And also wrinkle after a long time of wearing. After washing, you will be able to iron your shirt easily.

For suits with a high wool percentage, you can choose from 100% cotton shirts. These shirts, which are considered among the fine and luxurious fabrics of men’s shirts, make you feel better.

Samples of Garno`s shirt made of 100% cotton
jasmin color shirt with white collar to set with Garno`s stylish charcoal suit
Garno men`s wear production company, producer of stylish and luxurious clothes in Iran and Middle East

More explanations about charcoal suit

Charcoal Suit Cutters

For a stylish and attractive charcoal suit, there are different cuts. If you need your suit for the work place, Garno Collection offers you a classic cut.

You may be able to enjoy tight suits for an hour or two at parties, but for long hours, that you’re supposed to be in the workplace, or attend a meeting, you’ll feel tired after a few hours. So it’s best to use a suit, in which you feel comfortable.

As for the use of charcoal suits at special occasions and ceremonies, if you have not obese, and you’re in good shape, slim fit cuts would be a great choice. This cut makes you look taller. This is exactly very important for men.

If you’re obese, and you’re short and have abdomen fat, it’s best to use drop 4 and 2. These drop-offs are used for people who are a little obese, or short. The advantage of using drops is that your abdomen won’t be tight and under pressure and shoulders of your suit will be in good shape and will give you a handsome look.

stylish gray suit with vest ,   charcoal suit
wide varieties of luxurious suit, parliamentary, official, sport suit and single coat, accessories (ties …) from most popular Iranian men`s wear: Garno apparel company

Garno clothing production group has tried in this article, to provide the contents and tips in the field of stylish and attractive charcoal suits for its dearest customers. Hope we can help you to choose what you want.

If you need more advice to buy a suit, contact us.

(Garno’s goal is to shine in the dark)


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