black suit with white shirt , Men's Parliamentary Suit

Men’s Parliamentary Suit

Men’s Parliamentary Suit

A special and stylish men’s parliamentary suit, along with the best accessories of the parliamentary suit, is one of the most important point in clothing of any young man. Men like to seem handsome in meetings and parties.

Are you also concerned about having attractive style and excellent look, in meetings and parties?

Garno men`s clothing brand tries to solve these problems, and give you every information in this article that you may need to look stunning when you are choosing a parliamentary suit.

List of contents you will read in this article:

  • Types of fabrics for parliamentary suits
  • Types of cuts for party suit
  • Best shirts for luxurious suits
  • Using a variety of accessories
  • Luxurious Suit Sewing

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Parliamentary suit fabrics

Choosing luxurious fabrics for men’s parliamentary suits or night parties, is always important for men. Party suits are usually made of black fabric. Of course, in recent years, due to having variety of new colors in men’s clothing like dark jade green or dark navy colors etc … It is also used.

Luxurious fabric for a special suit is one of the most priorities in the first step. First you have to specify what kind of party you want to make a suit for. For example: If you want a suit for a wedding, dark black and dark navy colors are good options for it.

Arch collar navy suit , Men's Parliamentary Suit
Arch collar navy suit.

If you have enough budget to buy a men’s parliamentary suit, choose from high wool-percentage fabrics. These fabrics will be very special if they are made at a density of 120 and above, and they have great shine.

For the fabric design of the party suit, people usually refer to plain colors. The reason for this is, when they wear it in parties, it’s formal and stylish. But some plaid designs, fine stripes and half-centimeter stripes are good options too.

Fabrics with high wool are light in terms of weight, and their only disadvantage is that they wrinkle very soon. Of course, they won’t wrinkle much for use at parties, because you won’t wear it for long time. Our goal is to present a stylish parliamentary suit for your different and attractive presence at parties.

Samples of parliamentary suit
wool black suit , Men's Parliamentary Suit
wool black suit

A variety of special suit cuts

For a men’s parliamentary suit, it is very important that details are respected. The size of the suit and whether it fits on you does really matters. You should consider the size of your shoulder, abdomen and chest, in these parts your suit should not be loose of tight, and it should fit you accordingly.

It is very important for the pattern of trousers that your trousers shouldn’t be loose or tight. They usually use slim fit patterns for parliamentary suits. Of course, this pattern is more suitable for people who are in a good shape.

We recommend those who are a little bit obese not to use something that is sewn with standard sizes but it’s better to order a suit for their own size.

long dark navy suit
long dark navy suit

Unique suit

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Shirts suitable for night and parliamentary suit

The shirts suitable for night parties should be selected according to your suit choice. White shirts are usually used for parties and ceremonies. If you want to use other colors, be careful with the color of your suit.

Shirt material is one of the other things you should pay attention to.

For party shirts it’s better to use shirts that have a higher cotton percentage. The cotton in the shirt makes you sweat after long time of wearing it. And in case of sweating your body does not smell bad.

Best men’s collar and wrist model for shirt under a parliamentary suit

In the case of shirt collars, the collar is better to be seven or eight centimeters. These types of collars are the best collar size under the parliamentary suit, it is also better for the shirt to have double wrist model.

The reason we offer you double wrist shirts is the possibility to use the cuff button in the shirts. Meanwhile, the size of the sleeves should be slightly longer. Because it is necessary to show a small part of the sleeve from under the coat.

So Garno offers you a set of a white cotton double wrist shirt and tie type collar.

Samples of Garno`s white double wrist shirt
white double wrist shirt
white double wrist shirt

Choosing the best accessory for a parliamentary suit

You also need accessories to set with a parliamentary suit. Choose accessories based on your suit and shirt.

For example, if your suit has a satin collar, try using a frog collar shirt. Or if your coat is English collar, you can use classic shirts.

Here are two issues.

1- That you use a tie

2- You are not interested in a tie

If you’re interested in a tie, and you’ve chosen a white shirt, silk tie is very luxurious and special, which can give you a special and stylish look, considering the contrast of the color of your coat and shirt.

If you are the type who is not interested in the tie, then we offer you a classic collar or diplomat collar shirt. For diplomat collar shirts, if you close the shirt `s collar button, it becomes very stylish and special.

Sewing of parliamentary


The men’s parliamentary suit has different sewing types. All industrial sewing is done in factories with modern equipment.

Some sewing suits are handmade, which is done by very professional people. As a rule, a high sewing fee must be paid for them because they are handmade.

Other models of sewing are sewing suits produced by ordinary materials, which are sewn with conventional materials.

Garno’s garment collection offers the first and second options for your parliamentary suits.

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