The best English collar office suit

The best Garno English collar office suit

Best Garno English Collar Office Suit

The best Garno English collar office suit:Garno’s best English collar office suit is one of those suits, which has been of interest to organizations and companies for many years.

Garno Apparel is going to introduce the best English collar office suit in this article, with the help of its most expert advisors.

We assure you, we will introduce you an office suit, which will comfort you and your company’s personnel at the time of wearing.

List of contents you will read in this article:

  • Types of Office Suit English Collar
  • English Office Suit Cuts
  • Best Office Suit Fabrics
  • Suitable shirts for these suit

See some suit model samples

Types of English Collar Suit(1)

The best Garno English collar office suit:Office suits have a great variety. Variety in terms of fabric type, type of cutting, type of sewing, materials used in office suit and their colors and models.

In the case of office suit fabrics, we can suggest: Filafil fabrics, needle cloth, stripes, small quadrants, etc.

Bear in mind, for which organization or which unit of that organization you want to choose the English collar suit.(Study suggestion)

Types of English Collar Suit(2)

For example, most of the authorities use a navy official suit for their law enforcement staff, and they are prohibited from another color or design. Therefore, when choosing an office suit, it is better to pay attention to all issues.

Personnel of internal and headquarters units of organizations usually like office suits that are up-to-date. And it’s different from the uniformity (which unfortunately many companies don’t observe). That’s why we suggest up-to-date and different colors and designs.

For example, fabric that has been highly used by organizations and companies in recent years is Filafil fabric. This fabric also has a lot of coloring and high endurance. The colors of this fabric are a good choice for the office suit.

English Office Suit Cuts

The best Garno English collar office suit:There is not much variety in cuts of the English collar office suit. The best cut for this model of office suits is classic cut.

The reason for choosing the classic cut of the office suit is that it is easier for the personnel at working times.

Suits with tight classic cuts or slim fits may be favorite types of suit for personnel, but after some time the permanent use will be boring.

When choosing the cuts of the English collar office suit, it is better to pay attention to the chuck as well. While using a suit at the office or company, those suits that have two chucks are much easier and better for people. And people who are a little fat feel more relaxed than single-chuck coats.

Samples of classic suit models

Best fabrics for official suit

The best Garno English collar office suit:There are plenty of fabrics to choose from for the English collar office suit. The point that Garno’s clothing collection suggests you to consider avoiding sports fabrics.

Classic Striped Fabric Sample
stripped fabric
Garno`s stripped classic fabric

The type of official suit is classic, fabrics that are somehow sport type, are not suitable for this type of suits.

Usually classic or simple fabrics are mostly used for English Collar Suits..

For instance we can mention Filafil, patterned or needle fabrics.

In case if you need more help, you can contact us and we give you different options in our free consultations.

Suitable shirts for official suit

The best Garno English collar office suit:There are many shirts, which we can choose for an English collar office suit. First of all, we need to look at the fabric design we choose for the office suit. For example, if we choose a simple suit, we can also use striped or plaid shirts.

If the suit of our choice was striped, Garno apparel offer is just plain shirt. Of course, simple shirts have a lot of varieties, and you can easily make a stylish look with its different colors.

For example, we can also mention simple design shirts like Flora and Oxford design. These shirts are simple, and they show dirt a little longer than usual because of the texture of their fabric. That’s why the personnel are more interested in them. These shirts have a huge variety of colors, which makes it easy for us to set with the color of the English collar office suit.

Another important point in choosing a shirt is the quality of the fabric and its sewing

Shirt fabrics should have at least 35% cotton

When personnel wear shirts for a long time, their bodies should not sweat very soon. Also, in case of sweating, it should not stink. Another point is that if the fabric of your choice for a men’s office suit has a higher cotton percentage, it will wrinkle very quickly, and that is not with many personnel.

The next thing is the type of sewing of shirts, Garno’s clothing collection suggests to use shirts that have industrial sewing.

Sample of Garno`s industrial white shirt

simple shirt
Garno`s simple and stylish shirt

The reason is that shirts with industrial sewing types have better cuts(this makes it to have a better look under official suit)

Materials used for collar and wrist in these shirts have better qualities compared with other models.

Garno Collection, with the help of its experts in the field of clothing, has done its best in this article to prepare the best information in the field of English collar office suit.

Here you can see more samples of official suits

 (Garno’s goal is to shine in the dark)


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