How do gentlemen become stylish, attractive and different in shirts and suits?

Stylish, charming and different gentleman , Stylish and attractive

How do gentlemen become stylish, attractive and different in shirts and suits?

Stylish charming and different:Have you ever wondered how gentlemen in shirts and suits become stylish, attractive and different? Or in other words, what does
a stylish, attractive and different gentleman do for his stylish style? You are also from a group of young men who want to
know, how to make yourself attractive and different with a suit and a stylish shirt?

Garno Apparel Company offers a few basic tips to make stylish and attractive appearance for yourself.

We assure you that by reading this article, you will learn what to do to become a stylish man who impresses others. Every man deserves to have a stylish gentleman style. So be with us to increase your knowledge about the best way of wearing attractive clothes.

List of articles you read in this article:

What does a stylish, attractive gentleman do for his style to look different? In this article, the above problem will be solved in detail.

  • Maintaining health and happiness
  • Observing the principles of being stylish

Maintaining health and happiness

Stylish charming and different: What does a stylish, attractive gentleman do for his style? A gentleman has always plan for his style and clothing. One of these ways is to maintain health and happiness.

Having a healthy body and soul has a great impact on our social connections. Any illness and discomfort directly affects other organs, especially our skin. A healthy person will always be a great option to attract those around you.

But there are always risks in our surroundings, which threaten our health. So it’s better to take time for the health of our body and soul, and put aside a fee for it.

Garno Luxurious men`s Apparel offers a few basic solutions in this article, which you can always be healthy and energetic by taking them into consideration in your life.

  • Proper nutrition
  • Drinking enough water a day
  • Quit drinking coffee and tea after lunch
  • Don’t hunch
  • Observing personal hygiene
  • Doing Exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid cigarettes and drugs

Proper nutrition

Stylish charming and different:What does a stylish, attractive gentleman do for his style? How many times have you encountered this question?

Healthy and principled nutrition plays an essential role in having a healthy body. Avoid eating high-calorie, fatty and high-sugar foods in your daily diet. Put aside sweet and salty snacks.

We definitely need food and calories to survive. But that doesn’t mean we can use any food. Remove canned ready meals and industrial snacks from your food basket. Never forget fresh food and fresh or dried fruits. Our bodies need energy, so it’s better to get it from healthy foods.
Healthy and targeted nutrition, in addition to supply nutrition for our body, will give us a positive feeling and makes us energetic and ready for daily activities. Naturally, the healthier we are, the more vitality we will have.

Drinking enough water a day

Stylish charming and different:The stylish, charming gentleman looks at drink water as a miracle to health. About 70% of human body volume is water. So don’t be surprised when you’re tired by drinking a glass of water, you get fresh again. In addition, you need enough water to increase mental strength and maintain freshness and also your skin will seem to be fresh and it helps to control your appetite.

The body takes the water it needs from different foods, beverages, vegetables and fruits. However pure drinking water is always the best option for water supply. Drinking 4-6 glasses of water a day has numerous benefits, which here we won’t be able to mention them all.

Quit drinking coffee and tea after lunch

Stylish charming and different:What does a stylish and attractive gentleman do for his style? Surely a stylish, attractive gentleman is careful about drinking coffee and fresh tea. Coffee and fresh tea may increase your level of freshness for daily activities due to caffeine and nicotine, but night sleep will be disrupted.

If your sleep is insufficient, it will quickly reduce your physical fitness and performance. Garno’s suggestion is that if you want to drink coffee, drink it before lunch. In that case, you will have enough time to burn the extra calories, so that you can have a good and peaceful sleep at night, preventing the consequences of insomnia the next day. (Source)

Don’t hunch

Stylish charming and different:Think again about this question: What does the stylish and attractive gentleman do for his style?

A stylish gentleman is aware of sitting properly plays the biggest role in body forming. Hunching and bad sitting in the long run will cause the body to be out of shape. That will make issues in having a good style.
So don’t let your body stay in the same state for a longtime. Using standard chairs when sitting, getting up from behind a desk every few minutes, giving the breasts front, straightening the head and neck and shoulders, all of this plays a role in forming our bodies.

Body forming

Stylish charming and different:Sitting properly and correctly will lead to a healthy body structure. Ignoring these important tips causes a large volume of pressure on some organs of the body. The pain in these organs and not noticing to it, causes the body to adapt to the existing conditions.

In the long run, it will lead to the hunch or tilting of the shoulder and scapular, etc. And that’s one of the biggest problems people have when buying clothes. By following the above points, you can have a good style so that you can wear clothes with different models.

Observing personal hygiene

Stylish charming and different:Surely a stylish, and attractive gentleman observes personal hygiene. Our environment has always had virus, microbes, and bacteria and dust contaminations and dealing with these pollutions is inevitable. So to find solutions for resolving these pollutions must be properly learned and done.

Washing the body and hands

The easiest and most accessible way to eliminate these contaminations is to wash your hands and body properly. By washing the body and taking bath using standard body wash and shampoo, it is easy to eliminate these pollutions from your body.

Hands are a strong interface for transmitting these pollutions. Many viruses and germs enters through infected hands to our living environment. By washing hands repeatedly and disinfecting them, we will contribute greatly to the physical health of ourselves and those around us.

Life and work environment tools, including watches, mobile phones, keyboards and mouse of the computers, etc. It’s a gathering place for these pollutions. Using cleansers that are easily available to all of us, is the only the way to stop the germs to speard. (Source)


What does a stylish, and attractive gentleman do for his style? If you ask yourself this question over and over again, you will get a clear view of your own style.

If you want to have a healthy body, never forget to exercise. Professional sport demands its own conditions and facilities. But a daily or weekly exercise program is very effective in maintaining our physical and mental health.

athletic stylish style , Stylish, charming and different gentleman
make a stylish, gentleman body figure for yourself by doing exercise

Different sports give us more options to choosing our favorite sport. Even if we don’t have the conditions to do a particular type of sport, the easiest type of exercise can surely be done.

Walking, free exercise and available

Stylish charming and different:Walking is an easy exercise, cost-free and always available to us. Every day we can spend minutes of our time walking. Activities of organs and muscles, regulating blood circulation and regulating body weight are among the benefits of walking.

Exercise regulates your metabolism, and by burning fats and sugars, you will have healthy body with standard style.

Get enough sleep

A stylish and charming gentleman knows that human body needs to rest the same way it helps us to live our lives, we should take a good care of our body too. Sleeping is the best way of resting for our body. When we sleep, the mind and the body are resting too. Our organs will get fresh while we are sleeping.

The value and need for sleeping is to the point that, lack of consecutive sleep can have bad impact on people’s memory. Naturally, in order to have a standard sleep at night, you need to follow a few tips. Take stress and thoughts away from yourself. A few hours before bedtime, avoid coffee and drinks with caffeine and stimulants, because they will lead to insomnia.

Avoid cigarettes and drugs

Stylish charming and different:Our question is: What does a stylish, attractive gentleman do for his style? Using cigarette and drugs can cause lots of problems and illnesses. Issues in the respiratory system, cancer, anemia, are just some of the dangerous consequences of cigarettes and drugs. Alcoholic beverages reduce a person’s mental ability. Continuing its usage also reduces one’s ability to judge and have clear understanding in different cases. Alcohol affects brain cells which are responsible for sleep, concentration, memory and judgment and coordination. Lowering blood oxygen levels is also the result of smoking, which easily impact the supply of sufficient oxygen to the brain, endangering one’s health.

In addition to the above harms, smoking and drug use have a negative behavioral burden. That affects your individual and social personality. Usually, gentlemen are always looking for the best. So it’s natural to avoid smoking and drugs to be gentleman. (Source)

Observing the principles of being stylish

What does a stylish and attractive gentleman do for his style? There are some principles and tips for wearing stylish.

  • Being Adorned
  • Understanding your interests and spirits
  • Being employed and avoiding unemployment
  • Savings for life affairs
  • Spending on clothes
  • Wear your own size clothes
  • Being familiar with models, fabric, cut and design of men’s suits
  • Being familiar with models, fabric, cut and design of men’s shirts
  • Understanding the different colors with which you become more attractive and stylish
  • Buying the best suits and shirts
  • Buying the right shoes and socks

Being Adorned 

The stylish, attractive gentleman cares about his appearance. The talent and need for beauty and likeness has been innately placed in the soul of human beings by God. The Holy Qur’an says: “« We made an adorned sky with stars»” (Sura Al-Saffat/ verse 6)

Adornment literally means adorning and decorating. However, other meanings such as regularity, harmony and preparedness are also stated for it. (Moein, Muhammad, Moein Persian Culture, vol. 1, p. 39) (Source)

Reading suggestion: to get familiar with different principles to buy a stylish suit, click here

The Importance of being adorned

Stylish charming and different:Adorning and noticing the appearance is of great importance. Being adorned is actually being neat and clean as people say. Clean and ironed clothes, waxed shoes, brushed hair, brushed teeth, washed socks, etc. It’s all of the things that make you look good. You should know that in any case and circumstances it is your duty to be adorned. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or out, alone or in public.

Although adorning has an external result, i.e. affecting people, it also has positive internal results. Self-confidence and a sense of competence are among the very good results of adorning.

Understanding your interests and spirits

For a stylish, attractive gentleman, paying attention to interests and spirits is one of the priorities. Interests are entirely personal, and partly related to the individual human perspective. If we know our interests well, many of our problems will be easily resolved. It will also be very helpful to know your interests before choosing clothes.

Your interest will remind you of what style of apparel you choose for yourself. Or what style best suits you.

For young men and gentlemen, there are many styles and models in the market. Knowing the interests and being familiar with the types of clothes available on the market, you will be able to make the right choice.

Wearing a suit and shirt is also related to know your interests and models. The more you know yourself, the easier you will be at making decisions and choosing your clothes.

Being employed and avoiding unemployment 

Stylish charming and different:Another way to be stylish is to have a good job that is your favorite job. It’s better to say that a good job is a step you take before being stylish. Because unemployment makes your pocket empty, and you definitely won’t be able to pay for a good, stylish outfit.

So if you’re employed, try to do well to continue to have your source of income. If you are unemployed, try to find a suitable job to benefit from the positive results.

Savings for life affairs

Working, making money and living well is very important. Most importantly, having the right savings. Try to save money for every part of your life, including buying nice and stylish clothes.

With savings, it’s easier to buy your favorite suit and shirt in a way that you’re not financially stressed. Savings also help you to have peaceful mind. Because you won’t worry about your bank account being empty anymore.

Spending on clothes

Buying clothes, in addition to having an interest in good and stylish clothes and good savings, requires the mentality of spending for yourself.

One of the best and most enjoyable expenses is buying clothes and, of course, buying a stylish and attractive suit and shirt. Which will also make you very happy and joyful.

To stay young and fresh, always be ready to pay and buy clothes. Psychologically, shopping will also help you to be confident and maintain a positive mood.

Wear your own size clothes

Try to know your body size. Measurements for sizes are standard. Find out your size through
the formula of standard measurement. Knowing the size when choosing clothes is very important, and prevents making mistakes in purchasing a suitable outfit. For example, if your size is 40 and you are not aware of it, buying a suit or shirt of a larger size or a smaller size will result in a catastrophic result. Your type and style require clothes at the size of your body, nothing else. So consider this for your purchase.

Knowing about models, fabric, cut and design of men’s suits

As a young man, you need to have enough knowledge of the types of models, fabrics, cuts and different designs to choose and buy your suit and shirts and other clothes in the best way.

This knowledge helps you look for what is right, and prevents wasting your time while you go shopping. All of these factors make you choose and buy purposefully. And it also helps you not to spend and lose your money for something that’s not suitable for you.

Knowing about different colors to look attractive and stylish

Many colors are used in clothing. Each color has a certain effect on our mood, and even body. It’s
very important to know what color you’re interested in, and what color makes you look more attractive and beautiful.

Some colors can be used in specific places and occasions. On the other hand, some clothes can also be used everywhere because of their specific color.

Garno Men`s Apparel recommends you increase your information about the colors and what color is in harmony with your skin, so that you can be satisfied with your choice and purchase.

Buy the best suits and shirts

You’re going to be a stylish and attractive gentleman. So you have to choose the best suit and shirt for yourself. Accept that you deserve the best and have the right to wear the best.

Try to get to know famous and attractive brands. Wear a brand to double your charm. Suits and shirts and other clothing that are branded will indirectly affect your appearance and positively will influence others. We recommend visiting the prestigious Garno brand.

Buying the right shoes and socks 

What was needed to have a stylish and attractive style was said. Choose stylish shoes and socks to make a good appearance for yourself. And consider paying for your appearance is necessary.
Shoes play an important role in your appearance as they say it has a showcase role.

So try to choose what’s stylish and eye catching and pay for it as well.

Choose your socks according to the color of your pants. It has nothing to do with the color of your shoes, don’t set your socks with shoes, but just set your socks with your pants for a very stylish style.

In this article, we reviewed the principles and tips of being stylish. We hope Garno’s prestigious apparel brand will help you choose your beautiful, stylish and attractive set of clothes.

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