Simple Office Suit

Garno`s Simple Office Suit

Garno`s Simple Office Suit

Garno’s simple office suit is one of the greatest options for organizations and companies. But it may be hard to decide which kind of plain fabric is the best to choose for your office personnel.

In this article, Garno Apparel Company tries to introduce you the best type of plain office suit fabric.

Below are some of the things we want to talk to you about:

  • Simple Office Suit Colors
  • Plain Office Suit Fabrics
  • Simple Office Suit Cuts
  • Suggested shirts for office suits
  • Collars suitable for plain suit

Simple Office Suit Colors

Usually black, navy and charcoal colors can be considered as the best colors.

One of the good things that a simple office suit has is that it can be set with shirts with a variety of colors.

This makes it easier to choose colors.

One of the advantages of a black and navy suit is that you can set it easily with lots of shirts and shoes.

A point about setting the clothes

In some companies, some personnel do not pay attention to the set of their shoes and belts.

For example, some organization personnel unfortunately use brown belts and black shoes with their gray suits.

This kind of setting clothes is a disaster. It is necessary for HR managers to give advice to their colleagues about better clothing.

However, some people may not know about the set of clothes. It’s necessary to know and learn about it.

That’s why some managers decide to use risk-free colors, such as navy blue and black.

Of course, it’s true that most of the colors of choice are like this, but there are some people, too, that they don’t like this series of colors for a simple office suit.

All tastes must be respected. Everyone’s opinions are one of the most important priorities for organizations and companies.

Because the satisfaction of all personnel of the organization is one of the most important principles, which organizations should pay special attention to, and it is one of the most important concerns for organizations, for headquarters units it is better to use slightly light suit colors to increase people’s their peace of mind and to give them a better mood.

Samples of viscose polyester Filafil fabric

 different colors of Filafil Fabric
different colors of Filafil Fabric

Plain Office Suit Fabrics

Simple office suit fabrics have different types.

For example, fabrics 45/55-80/20-10/90-polyester viscose are materials of these fabrics.

For the texture type of plain suit fabric, Filafil, needle, Judon tissue, Gabardine can be mentioned here.

The properties of these fabrics vary for different sections.

More details about the types of suit fabrics

For example, fabric 55/45 is more recommended for companies that are located in cold cities.

Viscose polyester fabrics are usually suitable for office personnel who have a lot of movements.

The reason we recommend this fabric for the suit is because it has more viscose in its material. (Learn more about Viscose here)

Viscose won’t cause wrinkles easily when people wear the suit a lot and won’t lose its shape and form after a few laundry.

Samples of viscose polyester needle fabric

 Simple Office Suit , different colors of viscose polyester needle fabric
different colors of viscose polyester needle fabric

We offer fabrics with high percentage of wool for head managers, because this fabric is unique and elegant.

The high wool fabrics have a lot of luminosity due to their texture density, which are very delicate.

When people use them in meetings, they will seem more unique and special which makes them to be more attractive.

The point that people should pay attention to is that delicate fabrics, should be used a little cautiously. Be more careful when you want to do the laundry suit.

There are many options for choosing a good fabric color. Colors that will vary greatly in light reflection. It’s like a special navy color, woven with brown strings seems to be fashion design.

Samples of wool suits

special navy suit
special navy suit

Suitable cuts for simple office suit

Usually, the common cuts that are chosen for these suits are classic is because comparing to the suits suitable for parties, in office suits personnel should feel comfortable when wearing them for a long time at work, especially for personnel who are physically active.

For exhibitions or seminars, managers often want their personnel to wear good shape suits. For this reason Garno men`s Apparel company send its professional staff for measurement to these organizations. Because the size of people should be accurate.

Simple Office Suit Collars

Usually the collars of choice for the office suit are English collars. Some managers also like blazer collars for making some varieties in the suits of personnel.

Blazer collars are usually good for sport models and are not of everyone interest.

Suitable organizational suit shirts

Men’s shirts are one of the most sensitive choices. The reason is sensitivity to direct contact with the skin of the body. The best type of shirt is made of 100% cotton.

Shirt with %100 wool

white Cotton shirt
Garno`s white Cotton shirt


The disadvantage of fabrics that have a high percentage of cotton is that they wrinkle very quickly. For an office shirt, it may not be a good option.

Another option is men’s shirts that have 35% cotton.  This amount of wool won’t let the shirt get smelly quickly. The other 65% of the shirt`s material are polyester. This amount of polyester causes the shirt no to wrinkle fast in a long time of wearing it and will be ironed very easily after washing.

One of the other advantages of the 65/35 shirt is their high durability. We can assure you this type of fabric will last one year while maintaining its form and shape.

The worst type of shirt is 100% polyester.

Polyester shirts cause early sweating. Over time, due to the composition of the fabric, it damages the skin.

More tips about wearing men’s shirts

Garno men`s clothing production group, which has provided large amount of clothes for organizations and brands in various fields of men’s clothing throughout Iran, is trying to help you take a step forward to make  better choice by presenting professional articles in this case.

It is hoped that we have been able to serve with the above mentioned tips.

You can contact us if you have any questions in any field regarding men`s clothing.

“Garno`s goal is to shine in the dark”


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