Garno`s navy official suit

Navy Office Suit

Navy Office Suit

Navy Office Suit:Are you looking for a navy office suit, too? You also don’t know how to make the ideal choice about this?

Garno Garment Collection with ages of experience and with its professional consultants, will helps you in this article.

We promise you, we will offer you the best navy office suit with the highest quality.

If you need more information about the types of official suit models, you can talk to our consultants by phone.

The list of topics we will review with you in this article are as follows:

  • Types of navy suit fabrics
  • Types of cuts for official suit
  • Materials used in Garno official suit
  • The most suitable choice of Navy official suit for managers
  • Best Navy Office Suit for Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Best Navy Office Suit for office Personnel

Garno Navy Suit Fabrics

There are many options of navy fabrics for producing navy official suit. Of course, it also depends on the part of the organization or company that the suit is going to be used there.

For example, a company wants to make a navy administrative suit for its management staff. Garno Clothing Collection offers to use a fabric that is 50/50 polyester and wool fabric.

Of course we will talk later about why this fabric is more suitable for managers’ office suits.

The next option are polyester and viscose fiber fabrics. These fabrics have high quality and last long time even with frequent laundry.

In the type of fabric texture for navy office suit, Filafil, Needle or Gabbardin fabrics can be used. Each of these fabrics has its own benefits and weaknesses. Here we will mention some of them.

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 Filafil fabric

Navy Office Suit:The more textured Filafil fabric, several of which are also available on the market, the higher the price, the higher the price. And of course, the more viscose it gets instead of wool, the cheaper it will end up.

Another fabric called Fine Needle design is also used for an office suit, which, like Filafil, has several texture and composition models. But they are less durable than Filafil in terms of usage lasting time.

There are also a few things about Gabardine texture fabric, but first of all, let’s tell you the secret of this fabric. Gabardine fabric is soon elected because of its texture type. Because it won’t last long and beautiful.

Some colors of Filafil Fabric
various colors of Filafil Fabric
various colors of Filafil Fabric
See some sample models of official suit


Different cuts of Garno`s official suit

In the case of office suit cuts, the most popular types of cuts that personnel like are classic cuts.

The reason why classic and slightly loose cuts are used for the personnel’s office suit is because its comfortable for the personnel during the long working hours.

Some companies provide office suit for their staff. They may also like to order slim fit cut models.

Materials used in Garno office suit

For materials used in the office suit, it is better to select materials with less weight and better quality. The reason we insist on this, is because the personnel wear the office suit for long hours, and they keep washing them. Therefore, it is better to use raw materials that have high resistance in the texture of these suits. Also weigh less, so that the personnel won`t get tired of wearing them.

Due to some shortages in our country for various reasons, fortunately Garno Garment Company has been able to choose the best domestic material for its office suit with considering high standards. This has resulted in great satisfaction of organizations and companies that are customers of Garno brand.

The best choice of office navy suit for managers

Navy Office Suit:The best choice of office navy suit for managers can be attributed to suits that weigh lighter and more are softer.

In suits that have more wool, the suit seems to be shiny when you wear it in special occasions like management meetings.

The reason we don’t see this type of fabric as suitable for the office staff is because there are certain working conditions for the personnel, but these conditions don’t include managers. Of course, I think I’ve made it clear here.

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Some samples of classic suits

Best Navy Office Suit for Law Enforcement Personnel

Navy Office Suit:The perfect option for a navy-colored office suit for law enforcement staff are suits, which have the following features:

  1. Lightweight Fabric
  2. Preferably choosing a slightly light navy color (due to more heat in dark colors)
  3. Choosing fabrics that have less heat, which do not cause the police staff to get tired in the long run
  4. Choosing fabrics that are more stamina
  5. Classic Cut

The above mentioned options are the results of the undergraduate work, which Garno’s clothing collection has achieved over the years.

There were problems, bothering the personnel. During research and field interviews, we have asked personnel directly and made a statistic result based on that. And we’re trying to make managers to consider the comfort of their personnel when ordering suits.

Best Navy Office Suit for Personnel

Navy Office Suit:The best office suit from our view is a suit that people feel good when they wear it. Good sense is achieved when we respect their opinions.

The navy office suit has many options to choose from. Both in terms of model and color variation.

Unfortunately, some managers choose the worst type of navy color or a combined percentage of fabric, which the personnel will be bored over time.

It’s better to choose carefully.

Garno Apparel Company proudly claims that by having one of expert personnel in the field of selecting and producing a variety of office suits can be at your service all the time of the year.

Samples of official suits

Navy Office Suit
various navy color of Filafil Fabric

«Garno’s goal is to shine in the dark»


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