Men's single coat

With what kind of suit you look more handsome? Sport suit or classic suit?

What kind of suit is good looking on us? Sport suit or classic?

Men’s single coat :Have you had trouble finding a stylish and suitable men’s single coat, or sports coat? Or had you become obsessed with buying men’s clothing?

In this article, we are trying to tell you about the most stylish and suitable single coats, so that you can easily get what your tastes are.

With firm confidence, we assure you that by reading this article you will buy the most stylish and beautiful single men’s coat.

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List of articles you read in this article:

  • Men’s suits and their types
  • Types of suits in terms of buttons
  • Style of suits
  • Types of cuts in the suit
  • Types of waist cuts in the suit
  • Single suit
  • Sport suits
  • Blazer suits

Men’s suit

Suits are men’s clothing, which is one of the official formal men’s clothing. You can wear a coat with the same color of trousers or with different rousers as a single coat.  In this article, we want to talk more about single coats.

single coat
Garno men clothing producer of wide variety of single coat

Single Coat

Men’s single coat:There are different types of men’s coats. Classic coat, sport coat. The high versatility of the single coat makes it a semi-formal clothes. For this reason, you can use this kind of clothes in different occasions and with different styles like sport style, official style etc.

There are several determinant and basic factors, such as material, color and fitness. The official or informality of the coat is determined by these three factors. There are other elements that determine the men’s style, such as the kind of pants, shirts and shoes you choose. If you want a semi-formal, classic but stylish style, you can wear the single coat with jeans. This combination is more suitable for intimate parties and sometimes workplaces. (Reference).

Types of coats in terms of buttons 

  • Single Button Coat
  • Double Button Coat
  • Three Button Coat
  • Four-button coat and more

Usually sport coats have slim fit cut with one button that it should be open.

For people who tend to look more formal; single-button coats are not recommended.

Two-button coats are used for the classic model. This is the common model of coats among men.

In this coat model, the two buttons should not be closed at the same time. Closing the upper button is enough.

Three-button coats are the same coats, which have been popular in the past. It is not very popular nowadays.

One side buttoned coats with four buttons or more are currently of interest to the pilot staff and some tall men .The more buttons make the person look shorter.

Style or style of coats 

Men’s single coat:

Coats differ in style. In this section, we will discuss this topic.

Double Breasted Coats 

Double button coats have been produced and used in past times. The two-sided button coat is also known as the Double-breasted coat model, and among young people and sports fans, is not popular. It’s suitable for old people.

Coats with six buttons on either side are suitable for large size men or those who tend to look a bit bigger than their real size.

 Single-breasted coats 

Men’s single coat:

A buttoned side coat is the same as a regular coat, which is usually used by majority of men.

The two edges of the coat are placed together and one to four buttons can be used. Today, however, single button and two buttons are most commonly used. (Read more)

Pockets in men’s coats 

The standard format for pockets in the coat is a pocket on the left side of the coat.

The simple pocket model, with a simple cut that has no bumps, is the common and formal model of pockets in coats.

pockets in the suits
luxurious Garno`s suits

The gated pockets are more commonly used these days, and it is placed in two smooth or angled forms.

Some sport suits have small pockets next to the bottom pocket. Some models have pockets that are stitched entirely on the coat. (Read more)

Types of cut models in coats 

The single coat is one of the most common models of men’s clothing. To find the answer to the question of whether to wear a classic coat or a sports coat, you need to pay more attention to this part of article.

Single cut 

In the single cut coat model, on the back of the coat, and right in the middle, there is a cut (slot). This model is known as the American model and is very comfortable to use.

Two cuts 

Coats with two cuts are known as two cuts from sides. This model is commonly used by obese people.
The existence of these two cuts causes obesity to cover the sides and it will be very comfortable for fat men to sit or stand.

No Cut 

Coats with no cut are not popular among men these days. The reason is the limitation when they want to sit and get up.

Types of waist cuts in coats 

  • Slim Fit or Tight Waist
  • Classic or American Model

Men’s single coat:

In the Slim Fit model, the cut is such that the waist of the coat is tight. Its other name is the European or tight model.

Pants size in suit 

Usually the suit size differs from size of the pants. For this reason, a unit called drop is used in the suit. According to this unit in Iran, to determine the size of the pants, you should choose the size like this: coat size minus 4 will be the size of your trousers. Another formula that can be used to determine the size of men’s pants is to measure your shoulders precisely. The size of your pants is the same size as your shoulders.
Notice that when they are sewing pants they put 1 more centimeter of the cloth (fabric). For this reason, it is possible to tighten or loosen their waists in half to one size. Don’t worry about determining the size of your pants by knowing these points. (Reference)

Single Coat 

Single coats are basically used in sport fabrics. Fabrics such as cotton, judo cloth, etc… are the most popular fabrics are in single coats.

single coatGarno Classic Single Coat is elegant and stylish

Different target markets has led manufacturers to produce different models of suits. For example, people over the age of 45 like classic cut models more, but young men like slim fit models with light colors.

Therefore to choose a coat, it is better to consider color, cutting model, type of material, etc. And this depends on where and for what purpose we want to use it.

Some people, especially young men, don`t like to wear a one-color suit. Combining a single coat with a variety of pants models brings a different and, of course, more beautiful look for the younger generation. A single coat can have simple or plaid materials.

Types of collars in single coats for men

Men’s single coat:

For single coats, English collars, blazers, etc. are used. In recent years, wide and governing blazer collars have usually been used for single coats.

It should be noted that the English collar also has its own fans in the single coat. People who are classic and tend to use single coats instead of suits at work, like coats with English collars.

In single coats, a variety of cuts can be used, such as slim fit, super slim fit and classic.

Simple Single Coat 

Single coats can be sewed with a variety of patterned and simple fabrics. Caviar fabrics, judo, self-designed fabrics, Lenin and velvet are among the fabrics with which a simple single coat is sewn. Single coats are usually produced monochrome, and can be sport or classic, and are produced in wide variety of models in terms of collar, cut, button numbers and figures.

A simple single coat is sewn from plain fabrics. Depending on your personal taste, the color of the single coat can bring you a simple but very stylish look.

Single plaid coat

Men’s single coat:

The single coat is one of the most classic coats that all people of all ages can wear, and experience one of their most beautiful sets.

Best quality Fabric Coat Single Quad Room 

The compounds of this fabric are 60% wool and 40% poly viscose. You can use a single coat at parties and at work also. 

What kind of trouser should we wear with a single coat?


The trousers we offer you for this single coat depend on the shirt and also the occasion. But in general, charcoal, black, dark gray trouser and light navy blue are the colors we offer you. Note that it is very important to pair the color of the shirt with the pants of your choice to combine with a single coat.

What kind of shirts should we wear in a single plaid coat? 

You can set many shirts with a single coat, but pay attention to a few things: firstly, your single coat is plaid, so it’s better to use simple shirts. But if you want to wear a designed shirt with a single coat, preferably prioritize snowy designs and fine plaid fabric shirt.

Secondly, you can have a very stylish style by wearing simple round collar T-shirts, which are a good option for a single plaid coat.

What kind of shoes should we wear with a single coat?


Due to the base color of the single coat, black shoes are recommended as the best option. If you decide to wear a single coat with cotton fabric pants, simple shoes are also a good option.

Sport coats 

Men’s sport coats can be used in different situations, like parties and even work etc…

Sport coats can be set with different types of clothes such as jeans, shirts of different colors, shoes and some accessories. (Reference)

How is the sports coat different from the Blazer collar coat? 

Sport coats are a good choice for various sport activities. They have a greater variety of colors and genders than blazers. However, it is difficult to distinguish a modern Blazer collar coat from a sport coat. To get to know these two types of coats, the following points are useful.

Sports Jackets 

  • Thicker material made with the intention of use for outdoor activity
  • It has a large tone that you can easily wear a sweater underneath.
  • The back of the coat is a bit bigger in the sense of cuts to make it more comfortable.
  • The existence of a patch in the elbow is the type of old fashion model, to prevent decay.
  • It is made of different types and designs and colors.
  • There’s a pocket tab in it.

Blazer Collar Coat 

  • Blazer coats are not used for official occasions.
  • It’s usually a single button, but four buttons and six buttons are also common, also two and three buttons are just as model not to be used.
  • A single button blazer coat is slim fit, and its multi-button and two-seam style is good for obese people.
  • Because of being a bit the tighter, it maintains its shape and form in official situations.
  • Suitable for clever style.
  • They are produced in black, gray and navy colors.
  • It shows shoulders much better than sport models (Read more)

Garno’s single, sport and blazer coats are a great choice for a stylish, up-to-date look.

This article is prepared to help you make a better choice. Now that you got familiar with three different coats: single coats, Sport and Blazer, you can easily choose what you need.

Some people don’t care about their appearance, they should know that it’s not just a style of wearing clothes, it represents their life style and their beliefs. Do you like to be stylish in other people`s eyes? Let’s choose the most stylish, high quality suits and single coats at Garno group luxuries shop.


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