Men's Shirt Size, table of different sizes of men`s shirt

Men’s Shirt Size

 Men’s Shirt Size

Men’s shirt sizes as well as shirt cuts are among the things that many people think a lot about it to make the best choice. Do you also like to learn what factors should we consider to get our size?

Don’t worry. We will tell you several points in this article, which by knowing them, you can master the basic sizing formula forever and won’t be worried about knowing your size.

Garno’s garment collection, with more than half a century of experience, will help you make the best choice of shirt after reading this article.

Below are the headlines that we want to talk to you about:

  • Size of men’s shirts based on people’s body shape
  • Types of men’s shirt cuts
  • Shirt patterns of each country
  • Types of sewing shirts
  • Types of shirt materials
  • Types of shirt adhesive layer

Men’s shirt sizes based on people’s body shape

The size of the men’s shirt has some basic tips. In men`s shirts basically the size of shoulder, belly part and the length of the shirt differs from women`s dress.

Men use a bit loose patterns compared to women because of their larger body figure.

Suggestion: Click to watch video of how accurately men’s shirts can be measured 

Adult shirts have a standard size of S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL.

The size of people should be measured according to the following standards:

Shoulders: It is calculated from the back and from the top of the shoulder to the end of the sleeve.

Sleeve measurement: From the upper edge of the sleeve to the thumb tip.

Measuring the length of the shirt: from the bone above the left breast to the end of the left hand thumb

Breast Calculation: Total armpit size and once around the chest

Calculation of abdomen: front size of abdomen and round measuring of the abdomen 

A point about the abdomen, which is best to note: people who are obese are better to meters from the bulge of the abdomen.

Men’s Shirt Cuts

The size of the men’s shirt, is associated with the cut of the shirt. Therefore, consider type of cut in the shirt while you are choosing it.

There are different cuts for men’s shirts.

  • Classic Cutters
  • Slim Fit
  • Super Slim Fit
  • Baby style Cuts
  • Women’s style Cut

Classic cut can be used for people who have a bit of belly and are obese or who want to wear a slightly loose shirt.

Slim fit cut is a good option for people who are athletic or lean.

Note: Sports shirts have both classic cuts and slim fit cuts.

Super Slim Fit shirt sizes are very tight, and usually people who are a little thin are more welcoming to this pattern.

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It’s better for people who are obese not to use slim fit shirt patterns,

And people who are skinny don’t use classic patterns.

For children’s shirt cutting, it is small and short of all the dimensions that were mentioned in the previous sections. Their sizes are usually produced from sizes 24 to 36.

Women’s shirts cut is slightly larger and tighter in the abdomen due to the characteristics of the women’s body shape. The lower part also becomes a little looser. In the arm, it is also designed in accordance to the size of the women’s arm.

Shirt pattern of each country

Men’s shirt size usually has a special pattern in each country.

The reason is the body size of the people in that country. For example, the size of shirts in China (compared to the size of Iranians) is very small.

The size of European shirts is slightly taller because of the tall people. [wpseo_map width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”-1″ map style=”roadmap” scrollable=”1″ drag gable=”1″ show route=”0″ show state=”0″]

But the size of the abdomen, chest and shoulder area is the same as the standard size of Iran.

The sizes of Turkey and Iran are almost the same.

Note: We’re talking about standard sizes.

It is possible that a production company in Iran or anywhere in the world wants to provide a specific model of its company, which is specific to its company.

Types of sewing shirts

The size of the men’s shirt is one of the important points that should be paid much attention to in the sewing stages, otherwise the pert will go up in the production business. Women’s and men’s shirts have various types of sewing.

Types of sewing shirts

The size of the men’s shirt is important in the sewing stage. But how many types of sewings are there?

  • Industrial Sewing
  • Regular Sewing

Industrial sewing is usually produced with special and better wheels and devices, and it producers are more careful in many cases.

Conventional sewing is produced in production places that do not have lots of various devices. That’s why in some cases they can’t meet the standards. There are exceptions everywhere, of course.

Types of shirt materials

In addition to the size of the men’s shirt, the material is another important point which we have tried to talk about it in this article.

Shirts are produced with different materials. We mean materials for fabrics, adhesive layer, buttons, etc. Men’s shirt fabrics are made up of cotton, polyester.

The higher the cotton shirts, the higher their price will be.

Iranian men’s tastes in choosing shirts

Garno’s men’s clothing production based on doing lots of surveys and researches, has concluded that Iranian men usually like fabrics that have 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This is because this type of material dose not wrinkle quickly, and makes it easier to iron. Meanwhile, the body doesn’t smell bad when wearing it.

Some people may ask, why some shirts gets out of shape very soon, or why do we sweat in them a lot? The reason is that these men’s shirts are made of polyester fabric.

Shirt fabrics with more cotton are much better for body health, but wrinkle easily and quickly.

Types of shirt adhesive layer

Different adhesive layers are used in shirts. For classic shirts, adhesive layers are usually used, which looks fine underneath the coat.

For men’s sports shirts, soft adhesive layer are usually used. In the case of women’s and children’s shirt, adhesive layer that is called lace is more common because they are really soft.

We hope that in this article we have answered some of your questions in the field of men’s shirt size.

If you have more questions about men’s clothing, you can contact us.

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