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How to buy a great set of the official suit

Stylish office suit: Buying a good official suit in Tehran is a really hard thing to do that is confusing for many people!!!

Garno Men Clothing Group, in the field of producing official suits for men with long time experience, cooperates with lots of companies, in Iran and abroad.

Here we give you some ideas to choose your suitable official suit easier.

We promise you after reading this article you will have the answer to lots of your questions in this field.

Here is the list of topics we are going to share with you:

    • Suitable materials for the official suit
    • Best cuts for official suits
    • Best prices for high-quality official suit
    • How to measure the exact sizes for personnel

 Samples of the Official Suits 

Best materials for the official suits

Stylish office suit:There are lots of materials for the official suits that you can choose from, but which one is the best and will make you proud when you wear it? This is important.

We are here to consult you to choose the best materials for your personnel`s official suits. Which one is better for your workplace or company? Actually it depends on the section of your company.

For example, if you want to order an official suit for the head department of your company, it’s better to choose materials with more wool, because it is softer and lighter. When heads of the company have long time meetings outside your company, it would be obvious that their clothes are unique, and it is because this material has some shines and it looks very good on different shapes of the body.

But if you want to order suits for the security department, materials with more viscose seems to be a good choice. Garno Group suggests this material just because of its quality, it will last longer than other types of materials after lots of laundries.

35/36some stripped cloth samples

65/35 quality striped fabric

To choose materials for office workers, you must consider both qualities to last for a long time and also the softness of materials.

Another point you should take into consideration is the color of the official suit.

It is important to choose some unique colors.  

 Some Samples of Garno Group Official Suits

Best cuts for the official suit

Stylish office suit: The best cut for the official suits, is classic cut. When men wear classic cut suits, they won’t get tired after a long time wearing it at the office.

Some companies when want to attend seminars and exhibitions, they order official suits for their personnel. For these kinds of occasions, slim fit cut official suits are the best attractive choice. It’s because the shape of the body with this cut looks much better. (Read more)

Garno Group suggests English or blazer collars for your official suit. (See some suggestions)

English collars are the best choice for Classic-cut suits and blazer collar is a perfect choice for slim fit cut suits.

Samples of English Collar suit

Garno men clothing producer of best suits for men

Garno men clothing is the best modern producer of suits

See some of the classic suits


Best price of the official suits

Stylish office suit:Price of the official suit differs because of different elements.

some important things we should take into consideration before buying suit

  1. Do they deliver us the materials they showed and promised us?
  2. What kind of model they will give us?
  3. What kinds of material they use in our suit?
  4. What will happen if after some laundries the official suits of personnel lose their quality? Who should we call and what can we do?
  5. If there are some problems when we get our suits, will the seller support us?

Stylish office suit:Its better to ask the producer or seller to keep the labels inside the suits, so you will be able to see the kind of materials and make sure it is the same as materials you ordered.

We suggest to have contract with some reliable famous producers or seller that have very good background in customer services in long term.

How to measure the size of the suit

Stylish office suit:It is really important to measure the sizes correctly and to suggest the customers the best models. If size is not measured precisely then even with best materials you won’t have a good result.

A good material will guarantee a good quality. When you see the suit is good looking on your personnel, you will see the satisfaction on their eyes. This is really good not only for your company but also for all who see them in their official suits. (Read more)

Garno group always does its best to measure the sizes with the help of its expert personnel and we guarantee the best quality will be delivered to you.

We guarantee our products for 6 moth to ensure our customers that we know the quality of our product.

It’s because we use the best materials to produce what you order.

If you face with any kind of issues during 6 month you can give it back to seller and deliver another suit for free.

We hope by sharing this article we could provide some details to help you buy a good suit with satisfaction and peace of mind, and help you to choose the best.

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