Buy a men's suit for gentlemen

Ten key principles to consider while buying suits for gentlemen

Ten key principles to consider while buying suits for gentlemen

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:Are you from that kind of gentlemen who looking to find a special and unique suit? Buying a suit for gentleman has principles that every young man will surely pay attention to. In this article, we will talk about them.

Surely you know that in addition to one’s behavior, a person’s appearance can easily affect others. If you’re also a gentleman, you’d like to look stylish and adorned and special.

In this article, Garno men`s apparel production group, tries to introduce ten key principles to buy the best and most stylish suit for gentlemen. We assure you, by reading this article you will choose and buy the most stylish suit, to remain a gentleman in all senses.

List of subjects we will discuss in this article:
  • Buying suits for gentlemen
  • Principle 1: Why would you buy a suit?
  • Principle 2: quality of the Suit
  • Principle 3: Knowing your size
  • Principle 4: Focus for choosing a good coat(suit)
  • Principle 5: The length of the shoulder of your coat should be in accordance with the size of your shoulder
  • Principle 6: The length of the sleeve of the coat should be standard
  • Principle 7: fitness of the suit size or drop
  • Principle 8: Choosing the right shirt
  • Principle 9: Suit Color
  • Principle 10: Set shoes and socks

Buy men’s suits for gentlemen

There are many principles to take into consideration before buying suits for gentlemen. Since the suit is one of the most used and important clothes for men, choosing it will also be very important and sensitive. Gentlemen are always looking to find special clothes. Certainly, these people should consider a series of tips to choose their suit. These points are listed as the principles of buying a men’s suit below.

Principle 1: Why do you want buy a suit?

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:It’s a very important point, for what purpose do you wear a suit or clothes? Buying a suit for a stylish gentleman reminds you that attending the formal ceremony requires a suitable tailored outfit. Same as when you intend to participate in unofficial ceremonies, you can wear outfit suitable for that. The style of wearing clothes is determined by the rules of the society.

So although we can use our personal tastes in choosing our clothes, we can’t ignore the principles of choosing custom according to the rules of our society. Therefore, it is worthy to dress up appropriately for the meetings and places we attend. The same rule should be considered in choosing a suit.(Source)

Principle 2: quality of the fabric of suit

There are different types of fabrics for suit.

  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Viscose or artificial wool
  • Combination of different materials
  • Kashmir

Woolly Suit

Wool suits are produced from very delicate fibers. The name wool may cause the impression that this type of material is used for cold season suits. This suit can be used in all seasons. Wool suits are multifunctional and can be used in all places and times.

Characteristics of Woolen Fabric

  • High resistance to wrinkles
  • Waterproof properties
  • Inducing good sense
  • Good air exchange between warp threads and weft threads of the fabric
  • Application for official ceremonies and meetings
  • It has multifunctional usage, both good for the cold season and the hot season.
  • Good Sewing (Source)

Suit with combined material fabric

A stylish young man knows, there are a variety of combinations used to make suit fabrics. Below are some common combinations of materials in fabric of Iranian factories.

Buy a men's suit for gentlemen , Ten key principles to consider while buying suits for gentlemen and
High Quality fabric for Suit combination of Polyester Viscose Cokma and Fine Needle Design

Combination of wool and polyester 

Different combinations of wool and polyester are used to produce suit fabrics. This type of fabric is one of the best-selling fabrics in the suit. It’s both stylish and attractive, and it’s expensive.

  • Combination of 50% wool and 50% polyester
  • Combination of 45% wool and 55% polyester
  • Combination of 20% wool and 80% polyester
  • Combination of 88% wool, 8% polyamide and 4% lacrah
fabric for suit designed for gentlemen , Buy a men's suit for gentlemen
Polyester Viscose Motahari Fabric, Fine Judon, Super Luxury for Suit

Combination of viscose and polyester

Combination of 65% polyester and 35% viscose.


Kashmir fabric is made of Kashmir goat wool or other goat wool. It has a light and delicate texture, yet it has a very high strength. The elegance of the Kashmir fabric is 7 to 19 microns, which is much less than the normal fleece, because fleece is 36 microns. The reason for its softness and tenderness is its unique elegant texture. Kashmir fabric acts without lint. Its suit has a high quality and is expensive suit. (Read more)

Principle 3: Knowing your size

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:The next step to buying clothes as a young stylish man is to know about your body figure and body size. People have different sizes according to their body’s figure and style. For example, a person whose size is 40 cannot wear a suit size 38 or 42.

The smaller size will be the tight, and the larger size will be loose, and it won’t show you a stylish, normal look at all. That’s why it’s very important to know the size of your body for a right choice.

Today, young people tend to wear a smaller size. That’s what makes the suit tight and clingy. Now, if a person has a little abdominal obesity, this clinging suit shows that one a bad looking man. Considering the standard size will give you a stylish and beautiful style.

Principle 4: Focus for choosing a coat

If you want to buy a suit for a young gentleman, it shouldn’t be the first step to choose pants.

Trousers usually take the form of foot when you wear them and show us a good look. So the stylish appearance of a trouser will not be the reason to have the stylish suit. If you choose your coat first, but the pants are tight or loose, it’s much easier to fit them. Because sewing pants, compared to coats, is much easier.

Principle 5: The length of the shoulder of your coat should be the size of your shoulder 

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:The young stylish man has enough information about the size of his body. In all clothes, size is the first thing to consider, especially in upper-toned clothes. The shoulder size has a standard, which, if not met, will change the overall style of your suit. If the other parts of the coat are not your size, there is nothing to worry about. Because it is easy to sew and fix the problem, such as sleeves and waist. But if the size of shoulder doesn’t fit then it would be difficult. So pay a lot attention to this principle when buying a suit.

Principle 6: The length of the sleeve of the coat is standard 

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:The main thing that needs to be observed in buying a suit for a gentleman is to pay attention to the sewing of sleeves. The length of the sleeve should be up to the wrist. Less or more of this amount causes shortness or a little more length of the sleeve. For the sleeve of the shirt, the principle is to pull a centimeter out of the sleeve edge of your coat. If the amount of sleeve you pull out is a bit less or more than the standard, it won’t look nice.

Principle 7: harmony in the size of suit or drop

One of the most important principles and points in buying a men’s suit for gentlemen is the coordination of the size of the suit with the body, which is called drop. Observing the drop will make the dress fit with our tone. And it will definitely double the charm and beauty of our clothes.

There are four drop in genral:

  • Drop 2: For height 1/30 to 1/50 and too fat. Two chucks and 3 buttons.
  • Drop 4: For height 1/50 to 1/70 and obese. Two chucks and two buttons.
  • Drop 6: 1/70 to 80.1 for height and medium. Two buttons are, of course, a good button.
  • Drop 8: For height 1/80 up and lean. One and two buttons.

Principle 8: Choosing the right shirt

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:In order to have a good and gentleman style, the young man, in addition to the design and color of the shirt with a coat, should also pay enough attention to the material and sewing of the shirt.

Garno`s stylish shirt , Buy a men's suit for gentlemen , Buy a men's suit for gentlemen
variety of simple shirts, Flora, Oxford, stripes, plaid shirts of Garno production company

It is better to have a harmony between the fabric of the suit and the shirt. For example, a shirt with thin or shiny material cannot be used with a wool suit.

Principle 9: Coat Color

The color of the suit is one of the most important principles of choosing your stylish suit. Dark colors, diplomatic and official colors for parliamentary or official suits. In general the dark color is the official color for the suit, and with multifunctional applications. You can wear a dark suit at formal and informal meetings, and parties etc.

color of the suit , Buy a men's suit for gentlemen
Using the most beautiful and stylish colors in Garno `s suits

If you want to buy a colored suit, pay attention to the points, where or for which meetings do you want to wear your suit? For formal, informal meetings or intimate and friendly parties? For formal meetings, darker colors are more suitable.

For obese people, the dark color suit is suitable. On the other hand, in order to have a good style, skinny people need to wear a plaid suit, the color of which is based on personal taste.

Principle 10: Set shoes and socks

Buy a men’s suit for gentlemen:Some people may think that socks are a small part of our style, so it’s all right to wear any socks. While this is a completely wrong idea.

Even small and minor hints play a role in your good style, such as socks.

It doesn’t take much time to set socks and shoes in a suit. Make black shoes and black socks for a black suit. Set the color of your socks with your pants for the suit.

We mentioned the ten basic principles for buying the most stylish suit for you. We hope you buy a good and suitable suit with knowing these tips, always be a gentleman and shine as stylish and attractive gentleman.

If you have any questions about men’s clothing, contact us.

 (Garno’s goal is to shine in the dark)

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