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Bright navy color for office suit

Bright navy for office suit

A bright navy suit can be a good choice for some administrative departments of organizations and companies.

One of the managers’ concerns is choosing the best suit colors for their organizational unit.

In this article, we want to suggest tips on choosing the best color of the office navy suit.

We hope that at the end of this content you will make the best choice for your personnel suit.

We have made headlines about what we want to talk to you about:

  • Types of light navy office suit fabrics
  • Navy Suit Fabric Designs
  • Suggested collars for an office suit
  • Garno Apparel Suggested Shirts
  • Ideal shoes for bright office navy suit
  • Use of Accessories

Types of navy-office suit fabrics

There is a great variety of fabrics for the bright navy office suit.

Fabrics that have viscose, polyester and natural wool or wool. The selection of these fabrics varies for different people.

If your personnel are high-ranking people or managers, and don’t wear the organization’s administrative suit permanently, and if your goal is also to find an attractive and special suit; we offer you suits that have more wool.

These suits have very little weight. They are somehow shiny, which makes people experience the sense of luxury when wearing it.

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Woolen Fabric Weaknesses

The production of a bright navy office suit from woolen fabrics, requires the principles that must always be considered.

The only weakness of these luxurious suits is their getting wrinkled very soon. However, it is important to be a little more careful in maintaining it when wearing it.

Samples of woolen suits
 Unique woolen suit , Navy suit
Unique woolen suit

For units such as the headquarters of the organizations, Garno men`s wear production group suggests 55.45-viscopolyester fabrics. These fabrics have a lot of fans in the men’s suit. The reason is the high density of fabrics.

The above factor causes the suits to wrinkle less during the hours of wearing it, and to be more durable. This is one of the concerns that the personnel of organizations and companies are involved with about their administrative suit. That’s why Garno Apparel offers this fabric as one of the very good options.

Samples of 45/55 Filafil Fabric

Varieties of navy color
Varieties of navy color

Navy Suit Fabric Design

There are plenty of options for a bright navy-light office suit design. But the most popular designs chosen for an office suit are plain fabrics, striped fabrics or plaid fabrics which are suitable for some companies that want to make suits for their headquarters unit, but we don’t recommend it for units like law enforcement.

For simple fabrics, designs such as Filafil, Needle and Judon can be also used.

Suggested collars for light navy office suit

What kind of collar should a bright navy suit be sewn with? Garno offers English and Blazer collars for administrative personnel and organizations. For a light navy office suit, blazer collar is usually a better option.

The reason to select this from Garno`s expert consultants is because of the navy color is sport type.

Samples of English collar office suit

 English collar suit
English collar suit

Garno Men’s Clothing Suggested Shirts

Garno’s proposed shirts for a bright navy office suit are made of Flora fabrics (cotton, polyester). Because of its excellent composition, this fabric does not cause sweating in long-term of wearing it, and makes people feel better and more comfortable.

For this type of fabric, an office suit can be used with shirts that have a very fine design. Because it makes the personnel of organizations look different than other companies. For example, small or striped plaid shirts can be used.

The point here is that Garno Apparel offers you to take into consideration is t be careful in choosing the right color for the shirt for this suit.

Garno offers you a dark blue or navy blue color. In fact, a good contrast is achieved in this type of combination because of the difference in color between the suit and the shirt.

Samples of Garno`s office suit

Ideal shoes for a bright navy office suit

Shoes to set with a suit are one of the options which helps to make the clothes seem more beautiful. That’s why we decided to mention some points about choosing the right shoes.

One of the most important factors that you must consider in choosing shoes is to choose the type of shoes. It’s best for a classic suit to use them with lace-up shoes.

Lace-free shoes are mostly common in sports models, and are not a good option for an office suit.

As for the color of the shoes, we should also say: If the personnel’s suit is dark or slightly light, you can also use brown other than black shoes. (To learn more about setting shoes and suits, click here)

Choosing specific sets makes your personnel uniform to be different from other companies.

Shoe Soles

In choosing office shoes, be careful not to choose shoes that are natural leather. Shoes with leather soles weigh a lot, and they’re not suitable for long-term use in office.

Shoes with Pew soles that weigh less and are softer make people feel comfortable and they wont feel any pain in their feet for long hours of putting them on.

Use of Accessories

With a light navy suit, appropriate accessories can also be used. In Iranian governmental organizations and companies using accessories is outside the customs. But in some private export / import companies which are in contact with foreign companies, they usually wear tie.

It is better to use polyester material for the tie of personnel. 100% polyester material is durable, and it won’t get out of shape after a few washes.

Regarding the color of the tie you need to consider the color of the shirt should also, and then the appropriate tie should be chosen.

With more than half a century of experience, Garno men`s apparel production company tries to help people who want to be careful with detail by providing useful and practical information and articles.

For this reason, Garno has provided many articles about a light navy office suit and many other topics. You can also have access to more articles in the blog section of our website

Garno men`s Apparel group hopes to have been able to help you making a better choice.

 If you have any questions about men’s clothing, click here.

(Garno’s goal is to shine in the dark)


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